Senior Quality Control Specialist

October 24, 2022
Application ends: January 31, 2023
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Job Description

Job Description

Responsible for monitoring, and programming critical control points.

Responsible for monitoring and product food safety and quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Ensures the correct recipe guidelines for products are met during processing.

Ensures employees are following all Food Safety and worker safety practices.

Ensures and educates employees on food safety standards.

Collect product samples for Product Development, lab retains and the laboratory when directed.

Perform inspections on Products, Equipment and Machinery.

Heath Authority rules and regulations are followed and manage log books.

Conducts temperature checks on products and ensure all HACCP.

Monitors customer specifications to ensure proper weight and appearance of products produced.

Communicates products that do not meet specification or quality to the unit production manager.

Reports violations to management.

Responsible for the correct recording and filing of all relevant record logs and Documentation.

Complete internal and external non-conformance reports as required.

Inspect the final product before releasing it.

Conducting laboratory experiments on samples accompanying the product during production to ensure its compliance with quality standards.

Inspecting and testing materials, equipment, processes, and products to ensure quality specifications are met.

Collaborating with quality manager to develop and implement controls and improvements.

Developing corrective actions, solutions, and improvements.